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70 percent of the world's people live in the coastal zone. Come explore these lush but endangered ecosystems with our scientists, and learn how you can help save them.

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News and Research

From the Field: Exploring Undersea Forests

SERC marine biologists dove into California's underwater kelp forests in search of non-native species. Discover how in this first-hand account of a science expedition beneath the surface.

Dead Zones Heat Up with Climate Change

Dead zones can swell in warmer waters. And at least 94 percent of the world's dead zones are expected to get hotter under climate change, SERC and STRI scientists discovered in a new report.

(Image: Chuck Gallegos, Aerial Support from LightHawk)

"The Dream Has Been Fulfilled"

Image: Mathias Lab. (Credit: Larry Glenn/Smithsonian)

The complete Mathias Lab officially opened Sept 19. Designed to be the Smithsonian's first LEED-Platinum building, it brings SERC and the Smithsonian into a new era of sustainability.

(Image: Larry Glenn/SERC)

Education and Events

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--Wednesday, February 04, 10:00AM– 11:00AM
Children Only
"Puddle Stompers (Pre-K): What do Animals do in winter?"

--Wednesday, March 04, 10:00AM– 11:00AM
Children Only
"Puddle Stompers (Pre-K): Water, Water Everywhere"

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