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Archeological Resources

     A broad range of historic and archaeological investigations have taken place at SERC. Henry Wright’s survey work in the 1960s recorded many sites on both SERC lands and in the larger Rhode River region. Hettie Ballweber conducted a Phase I level survey in 1989 on the area that became the Java History Trail and environs (Ballweber, et al 1990).

     In 1995, James Gibb led investigations in advance of the construction of the Reed Educational Center on site 18AN284/285 (Gibb and Hines 1997). A recent Master’s thesis by University of Maryland Historic Preservation student January Ruck provided an insightful and compelling review of how the ruins at Java Plantation fit into the larger picture of public history, environmental education, and preservation (Ruck, 2008).

Past Archeology Findings at SERC

Date Author Title
 1973  Henry Wright A Report on an Archaeological Survey of the Chesapeake Bay Center for Field Biology of the Smithsonian Institution.
 1990  Hettie Ballwebber  Preliminary Archaeological Reconnaissance of the Java History Trail, SERC, AACO, Maryland.
 1997  James Gibb Phase III Archaeological Data Recovery at the Smithsonian Pier Site (18AN284/285) SERC, AACO, Maryland.
 2008  January Ruck Integrating Public History and Environmental Education: Preservation and Interpretation of the Ruin at Java Plantation, Edgewater, Maryland. 

Archaeological investigations of Sparrows Rest/ Java Plantation site were undertaken in 2010 as a component of a FY2010 Maryland Heritage Areas Authority funded project to expand public access to the rich historical and archaeological resources on the SERC properties. Anne Arundel County Trust for Preservation, Inc. and its archaeological research arm, the Lost Towns Project undertook a multi-phase archaeological investigation of several portions of the 18AN339 site, conducted public outreach programs for visitors to SERC, and provided technical artifact guidance to the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center’s education department.

Current Activity

Date Authors Title
 January 2011  C. Jane Cox, M.A.

 2010 Archaeological Investigations at 18AN339: The Sparrow's Rest/Java-Contee Plantation, SERC.

PDF File:  Click Here

 January 2011  C. Jane Cox, M.A.

 Complete list of artifacts found on site 18AN339.

PDF File:  Click Here


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