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SERC nature trails that are open to the public

Name Length Description
Contee Watershed Trail  1.6

SERC's newest trail that traverses varying elevation through upland forest, cypress swamp, marshland and scenic shoreline view of Sellman Creek. Click here to learn more about the Contee Watershed Trail.

Difficulty Level: Medium

Java History Trail  1.3

The Java History Trail is a 1.3-mile walking path through field, forest, and marsh that explores the history of the land and the people who lived and worked on it. Click here to learn more about the Java History Trail.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Discovery Trail  1.4

Hike through a variety of terrestrial ecosystems, including forests and marshes

Difficulty Level: Easy

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center’s


The Contee Watershed Trail offers hikers an opportunity to explore a foreted watershed from agricultural fields in the higher elevation to where it drains through a marsh flowing into Sellman Creek and the Rhode River. This map shows how elevation changes throughout the course of the trail, starting at the red pin and looping back around completely. 

 The Contee Watershed Trail has two composting toilets made by Clivus Multrum. Click here to learn more about ecologically friendly low-impact composting toilets.