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Each school's participation in the High School Program may vary to accommodate teacher and student needs. Teachers planning a trip to SERC will work closely with the High School Program Coordinator to adjust program offerings to fit their class focus. It is not a requirement that an entire class participate in our high school field studies; smaller groups are both accommodated and encouraged. 

In general, the High School Program includes the following components:

 Preparation | While At SERC Post-Trip |

> Preparation

> Educators and SERC staff discuss program goals and how the field experience can best align with the school's current curricula for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, language arts, and government.

> A free pre-trip classroom visit by the Program Coordinator is available by request to provide an introduction to Chesapeake Bay ecology, SERC research, environmental field research methods, and watershed dynamics.

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While at SERC

>  Students work with SERC field educators to explore the campus, conduct field investigations, collect data, and plan for analysis back in the classroom

>  Discussions of watershed issues, current environmental topics, and Bay restoration efforts are threaded throughout the day to encourage connections to SERC research

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> Post Trip

Teachers are asked to complete a brief post trip evaluation. Your feedback helps us to continue improving our program offerings.

Teachers and students are encouraged to stay in contact with their SERC educator as a resource for ongoing investigations, questions, and independent student research project mentoring.

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