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Explore and enjoy the wetlands as you never have before. The Wetland Ecology Program consists of two complementary parts and groups can sign up for either or both parts.

Part A: Muddy Creek Canoe Trip (20 student maximum) 
In this aquatic component of the Wetland Ecology Program, students get their hands wet as they go out on canoes to explore and investigate the waters of Muddy Creek and surrounding wetlands.

Part B: Marsh Explorations (20 student maximum)
The second, terrestrial, component of the Wetland Ecology Program offers an exploration of the wetlands by land. Students hike through the forest and marshes of SERC and participate in activities such as nutrient testing, weather monitoring, plant identification, and field research planning; discussions include watershed topography, the nitrogen and phosphorous cycles, and marsh ecosystems. 


  • Marsh Explorations Teacher
    and Student Guide

    The Marsh Explorations Teacher and Student Guide provides the scientific background for the investigations and describes the procedures and equipment for each Marsh Explorations station. Before visiting SERC, teachers and station leaders need to learn about the activities at the stations they are responsible for. Experience has shown that the better prepared the teachers and station leaders are, the more rewarding the experience is for the students.
  • Download the guide in pdf. 

To schedule a field trip, contact Jane Holly at SERC's Education Department for available dates or use our "request for registration" form. After we receive the form, education staff will contact you to discuss dates and confirm your field trip.