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 SERC Media Design Workshop


> Smithsonian Tree Banding Project


> Water Quality: Turbidity

 Do the Oyster Dance

  Student Workshops

> SERC Media Design Workshop

This video was produced by Pearson Education and the New Learning Institute. As part of a STEM Summer Bridge program, a group of 10th and 11th grade students from Anne Arundel County area high schools came to SERC with the challenge of using smartphones and other digital media tools to design a media project for a teen audience. 

While exploring some of the diverse environmental research on campus, students used an array of digital media tools to create a final project on a topic that they were intereted in and wanted to share to other teens. By the end, they came up with four final ideas: 

  • An ARIS tour of SERC that highlighted research going on in areas that were not open to the public
  • A proposal for a network of webacams in various research areas that included prototypes of a web app and a website
  • An ARIS game about invasive and native species on the Java History Trail at SERC
  • A short documentary of what happened during the workshop.

  Citizen Science Opportunities

> Smithsonian Tree Banding Project

This video is the introductory segment of a ten minute video. This series explains the Smithsonian Tree Banding Project in depth. If you want to know more and/or are interested in participating, we invite you to please view the rest of the videos here: Shout Playlist on the Smithsonian Education Channel

The Smithsonian Tree Banding Project is a scientific collaboration between teachers and students, SERC Forest Ecologists, and SERC Educators. The big question that this citizen science project aims to answer is "How does tree growth respond to climate change?" By registering for the project, you will receive a free kit to begin contributing to the online database of international tree growth data. Learn more on the website:

> Learn more about citizen science at SERC: Citizen Science

   SERC Education Video Vault

Water Quality: Turbidity

Decloud the mysteries of turbidity in this video from SERC Education's Video Vault. Watch how Mark uses a Secchi Disk to measure light penetration, and then go beneath the surface with an underwater camera!

> Read more on SERC's Estuary Chesapeake blog: Turbidity in the Rhode River.

 Programs at SERC

The Oyster Dance

High schoolers from Mercy High School spent the day at SERC with Julia Elkin learning about ecology and SERC research. Somewhere between a packed day of canoeing, forest transects and oyster dissections, the students took a break to learn about the life cycle of an oyster by doing this catchy dance.

> Learn more about high school programs at SERC: High School