SERC Experts

The research of SERC's senior scientists is focused on a variety of fields. Click on a researcher's name to visit their lab's home page and learn more about their work.

Denise Breitburg: Community and ecosystem ecology. Effects of Hypoxia on foodwebs, jellyfish ecology, oyster restoration in Chesapeake Bay.

Bert Drake: Plant Physiology, effects of increased atmospheric CO2 on plant communities.

Ilke (Candy) Feller: Animal Plant Interactions in mangrove communities.

Charles Gallegos: Phytoplankton Ecology, optical properties and water clarity standards for Submerged Aquatic Vegetation.

Cindy Gilmour: Biogeochemist, mercury methylation mechanisms by bacteria, ecosystem-level studies of mercury methylation and bioaccumulation

Anson (Tuck) Hines: Estuarine Ecology, fish and invertebrate life studies, 20 years of studies on blue crab biology and ecology.

Thomas Jordan: Chemical Ecology, transport of nutrients through the watershed.

Melissa McCormick: Plant Ecology; orchid conservation, orchid-fungi symbiosis, invasive earthworms, invasive plant species.

Sean McMahon: Quantitative Ecology, physical structure of forests, forest function, ForestGEO (international forest census project).

Patrick Megonigal: Environmental Chemistry, biogeochemistry of wetland systems, effects of global change on ecosystems.

Patrick Neale: Solar Radiation, effects of UVB radiation in aquatic ecosystems, solar radiation in the Antarctic and ozone depletion.

Richard Osman: Marine and Benthic communities and factors controling recruitment, invasive species.

Geoffrey (Jess) Parker: Forest Ecology, canopy structure and forest function.

John Parker: Terrestrial Ecology; biodiversity; invasive species; impacts of deer, insects and other herbivores.

Gregory Ruiz: Invasion Studies, transportation, prevalence, and impacts of marine invasive species

Donald Weller: Ecological Modeling, landscape ecology, GIS and spacial geography

Dennis Whigham: Plant Ecology, orchid conservation, biodiversity, invasive plant species, terrestrial and wetland ecosystems, North American Orchid Conservation Center