The 1911 Database

The database is compiled from "Sumner, F.B., R.C. Osburn, L.J. Cole, and B.M. Davis. 1911.   A Biological Survey of the Waters of Woods Hole and Vicinity.  Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries 31:1-860".

We have converted all the data in this report into an ACCESS electronic database that is now available to the research community. This database preserves all the original information, provides updates of taxonomy, and enables distributions of species, habitat types, and diversity to be mapped. Incorporation of more recent data into the database will allow the investigation of long-term ecosystem changes. The complete 860 page publication is also available electronically through the Smithsonian Libraries.

To produce and view the geographical distribution of species and habitats it is necessary that you a copy of the free mapping application ArcReader installed on your computer.


 Distribution of the mussel Mytilus edulis plotted from the database.







Variation in the number of Mollusc species among the sampling stations.  Largest symbols represent greater than 30 species and smallest symbols represent less than 4 species.



You can download the database as a zip file (~80Mb).  Please read the instructions for downloading and using the database before you load it onto your computer.  It is very important that the folder structure be maintained for all aspects of the database to function normally.