Tracking CO2 Across Two Decades:

A Video Interview with Plant Physiologist Dr. Bert Drake


For more Information:
Read "Planting Questions,"
an article about Dr. Drake's
20-year research study.


One of the most significant impacts that humans have made on the Earth is the relatively rapid rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), a by-product of burning of fossil fuel.

Because atmospheric CO2 stimulates plant growth, and traps heat, scientists expect dramatic changes in both global temperatures and composition and distribution of vegitation across the globe as the natural world responds to the changes CO2 concentrations.

While no one is able to say with certainly how the Earth will respond in the coming decades, Plant Physiologist Bert Drake has been conducting a twenty year field studyâ??the longest of it's kind in the worldâ??to help us understand the rules of nature that will govern how our planet handles the increases we've already made, and those that promise to follow in the coming decades.