Lab Facilities

SERC's Ecological Modeling Laboratory has access to a broad range of capabilities in ecological modeling and spatial analysis. We maintain a suite of high-end Windows workstations configured for computationally demanding spatial analyses and modeling. Spatial analysis software and geographic data are hosted on a Windows 2000 server with 300 GB of disk storage. Software site license provides access to all modules of ESRI ArcGIS Geographic Information System software and Leica's Geosystems ERDAS Imagine Professional suite for Image Analysis and Remote Sensing. Available programming languages include the Absoft FORTRAN and C compliers and Microsoft's Visual (which includes Microsofts' VisualBasic, C+, C#, and J# languages). Supported statistical and graphics software tools include the Statistical Analysis System (SAS), S-plus, DataDesk, Amos 5, SigmaPlot, and Adobe Illustrator. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) systems are available for collecting geographic coordinates in the field, and we have a Calcomp digitizing tablet for digitizing paper maps. Small and large format printers are available for printing maps and model results.