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The Daily Invader highlights introduced and cryptogenic (possibly introduced) species from the Chesapeake Bay Database and the larger National Estuarine and Marine Exotic Species Information System (NEMESIS) developed by the Marine Invasions Research Laboratory at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. The Chesapeake Bay Database has been available for several years but NEMESIS is new and is being launched in sections as the records are completed. Both of these databases are updated regularly as new data become available.

The Chesapeake Bay Database is intended to provide a comprehensive source of information on species introduced to Chesapeake Bay and adjacent Atlantic waters and coastal bays. This database includes 321 species, including semi-terrestrial and terrestrial boundary residents which are not included in NEMESIS.

NEMESIS includes introduced estuarine and marine species from the United States including Chesapeake Bay, San Francisco Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, and many others. The tunicate section of NEMESIS is now available. The Decapods are currently under review and should be released soon, followed by barnacles.

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