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Chesapeake Bay Shrimp

Oriental Shrimp (Palaemon macrodactylus)


Oriental Shrimp (Palaemon macrodactylus) discovered in Chesapeake Bay in 2007 at the SERC dock.

Palaemon macrodactylus is the newest edition to the database. This shrimp was discovered at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center’s dock in 2007 and in the James and York rivers in 2009. It is native to the Northwest Pacific (Japan, etc), but has invaded numerous areas in the Southwest Pacific (California, etc), and Europe. Because Palaemon (as we call it here at SERC) was only recently discovered in Chesapeake Bay, we are still working to determine its abundance and distribution. Based on its wide environmental tolerances, it seems capable of colonizing most of the Bay's shoreline and shallow waters. If this occurred it may compete with native shrimp species. In the San Francisco Bay Delta it competes with the native California Bay Shrimp and preys on native mysid shrimp (Neomysis mercedis), an important prey item for juvenile fishes in San Francisco Bay. Complete Record  


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