2001 Publications

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Coss CA, JAF Robledo, GM Ruiz, and GR Vasta. 2001. Description of Perkinsus andrewsi n. sp. isolated from the baltic clam (Macoma balthica) by characterization of the ribosomal RNA locus, and development of a species-specific PCR-based diagnostic assay. J. Euk. Microbiol. 48: 52-61.

Crooks, JA. 2001.  Oh what a tangled web... The invasion of the mussel Musculista senhousia into marine ecosystems.  Dreissena 11:1-5.

Drake, LA, KH Choi, GM Ruiz and FC Dobbs. 2001. Microbial inventories in ballast water of ships arriving in Chesapeake Bay. Biological Invasions 3:193-199.

Dineen, JF, P Clark, AH Hines, SA Reed, and HP Walton. 2001. Life history, larval description and natural history of Charybdis helleri (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura, Portunidae), an invasive crab in the western Atlantic. J. Crust. Biol. 21(3): 774-805.

Hines AH, GM Ruiz, and J Lin. 2001. Introduction to the English translation. In: Marine species and their distribution in China 's seas, Z Huang editor (translated by J. Lin), pp. 2-14. Kreiger Publishing Company, Malabar.

Murphy, KR, GM Ruiz, P Coble, J Boehme, P Field, J Cullen and W Moore.  2001. Mid-ocean ballast water exchange: approach and methods for verification.  Final Report to U.S. Coast Guard Research and Development Center, 124pp.

Ruiz, GM and JA Crooks. 2001. Biological invasions of marine ecosystems: patterns,effects, and management.  In: Waters in Peril, L. Bendell-Yound and P. Gallagher (editors), p. 1-17.  Kluwer Academic Publications.

Ruiz GM, L McCann, and AW Miller. 2001. Marine invasion research at SERC. On the Rhode. Newsletter of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. Volume 8, 5pp.

Ruiz, GM, AW Miller, K Lion, BP Steves, A Arnwine, E Collinetti, and E Wells.  2001(2002).  Status and trends of ballast water management in the United States .  First Biennial Report of the National Ballast Information Clearinghouse. Submitted to United States Coast Guard.  Included in the United States Coast Guard's November 2001 Report to Congress on the voluntary national guidelines for ballast water management released June 3, 2002, 48pp.

Talley, TS, JA Crooks and LA Levin. 2001.  Habitat utilization and alteration by the burrowing isopod, Sphaeroma quoyanum, in California salt marshes. Marine Biology, 138: 561-573.

Wonham, MJ, WC Walton, GM Ruiz, AM Frese and B Galil. 2001. Going to the source: role of the invasion pathway in determining potential invaders. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 215:1-12.

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