2005 Publications

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Carlton JT and GM Ruiz. 2005. Vector science and integrated vector management in bioinvasion ecology:  conceptual frameworks. In: Invasive alien species, HA Mooney, RN Mack, JA McNeely, LE Neville, PJ Schei, and JK Waage (eds).  pp 36-58.  Island Press, Washington.

Carlton JT and GM Ruiz. 2005. The magnitude and consequences of bioinvasions in marine ecosystems: implications for conservation biology. In Marine Conservation Biology: The Science of Maintaining the Sea's Biodiversity, EA. Norse and LB. Crowder (eds.). pp 123-148.  Island Press, Washington.

Choi K-H, W Kimmerer, GE Smith, GM Ruiz, and K Lion. 2005. Post-exchange zooplankton in ballast water of ships entering the San Francisco estuary.  J. Plankton Res. 27: 707-714 PDF available here

deRivera CE, GM Ruiz, JA Crooks, K Wasson, SI Longhart, P Fofonoff, BP Steves, SS Rumrill, MS Brancato, WS Pegau, DA Bulthuis, RK Preisler, GC Schoch, E Bowlby, A Devogelaere, MK Crawford, SR Gittings, AH Hines, L Takata, K Larson, T Huber, AM Leyman, E Collinetti, T Pasco, S Shull, M Anderson, S Powell. 2005. Broad-scale nonindigenous species monitoring along the West Coast in national marine sanctuaries and national estuarine research reserves.  Report to the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.  PDF of Part IPart II and Part III

deRivera CE, GM Ruiz, AH Hines, and P Jivoff.  2005. Biotic resistance to invasion: native predator limits abundance and distribution of an introduced crab. Ecology 86: 3364-3376 PDF available here

Gilborn A. 2005. Border Patrol: Monitoring marine invasions. SERC report vol 5: 4-5

Jewett EB, AH Hines and GM Ruiz. 2005. Epifaunal disturbance by periodic low levels of dissolved oxygen: native vs. invasive species response. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 304: 31-44 PDF available here

Minton M, E Verling, AW Miller, and GM Ruiz. 2005. Reducing propagule supply and coastal invasions via ships:  effects of emerging strategies.  Front. Ecol. Environ 3:304-308 PDF available here

Murphy KR, GM Ruiz, and M Sytsma. 2005. Standardized sampling protocol verifying mid-ocean ballast water exchange:  Revision III February 8 2005, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Edgewater MD. PDF available here

Ruiz GM, GE Smith, et al. 2005. Biological Study of Container Ships Arriving to the Port of Oakland .  Three part final report: (a) Biota Associated with Ballast of Container Ships Arriving to the Port of Oakland . (b) Ballast Water Exchange Efficacy: Results of Tests on Eight Container Ships. (c) Analysis of Biofouling Organisms Associated with the hulls of Container Ships Arriving to the Port of Oakland : A pilot Study. 155pp. PDF available here

Verling E, GM Ruiz, LD. Smith, B Galil, AW Miller and KR Murphy. 2005. Supply-side invasion ecology: characterizing propagule pressure in coastal ecosystems.  Proc. R. Soc. B 272: 1249-1256.  PDF available here

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