2006 Publications

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Herwig HP, JR Cordell, JC Perrins, PA Dinnel, RW Gensemer, WA Stubblefield, GM Ruiz, JA Kopp, ML House, WJ Cooper. 2006. Ozone treatment of ballast water on the oil tanker S/T Tonsina: chemistry, biology and toxicity. Marine Ecology Progress Series 324:37-55

McGee S, R Piorkowski and GM Ruiz. 2006. Analysis of recent vessel arrivals and ballast water discharge in Alaska: Toward assessing ship-mediated invasion risk. Marine Pollution Bulletin 52:1634-1645

Murphy KR, GM Ruiz, WTM Dunsmuir, and TD Waite. 2006. Optimized parameters for rapid fluorescence-based verification of ballast water exchange by ships. Environmental Science and Technology 40:2357-2362 PDF available here

Ruiz GM, L Fegley, P Fofonoff, Y Cheng, and R Lemaitre. 2006. First records of Eriocheir sinensis H. Milne Edwards, 1853 (Crustacea, Brachyura: Varunidae) for Chesapeake Bay and the mid-Alantic coast of North America.  Aquatic Invasions 1:137-142  PDF available here

Ruiz GM, J. Lorda, A. Arnwine, and K. Lion. 2006.  Shipping patterns associated with the Panama Canal:  Effects on Biotic Exchange? In Bridging Divides: Maritime Canals as Invasion Corridors by Stephan Gollasch, Bella S. Galil and Andrew N. Cohen. Monographiae Biologicae 83 ed. H.J. Dumont.  Springer, Netherlands

Tamburri MN, GE Smith, and TL Mullady. 2006. Quantitative shipboard evaluation of venturi oxygen stripping as a ballast water treatment. 3rd International Conference on Ballast Water Management, 25-26 September 2006.

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