2008 Publications

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Ashton, GV, MI Stevens, MC Hart, DH Green, MT Burrows, EJ Cook and KJ Willis. 2008.  Mitochondrial DNA reveals multiple Northern Hemisphere introductions of Caprella mutica (Crustacea, Amphipoda). Mol. Ecol. 17:1293-1303

Blakeslee AMH and JE Byers. 2008. Using parasites to inform ecological history: Comparisons among three congeneric marine snails. Ecology 89:1068-1078

Blakeslee AMH, JE Byers and MP Lesser. 2008. Solving cryptogenic histories using host and parasite molecular genetics: the resolution of Littorina littorea's North American origin. Mol Ecol 17:3684-3696

Davidson IC, LD McCann, PW Fofonoff, MD Sysma and GM Ruiz. 2008. The potential for hull-mediated species transfers by obsolete ships on their final voyages. Diversity Distrib 14:518-529

Murphy KR, MP Field, TD Waite, and GM Ruiz. 2008. Trace elements in ships' ballast water as tracers of mid-ocean exchange.  Science of the Total Environment 393:11-26

Murphy KR, CA Stedmon, TD Waite, and GM Ruiz. 2008. Distinguishing between terrestrial and autochthonous organic matter sources in marine environments using fluorescence spectroscopy. Mar. Chem. 108:40-58

Santagata S, ZR Gasiunaite, E Verling, JR Cordell, K Easton, JS Cohen, K Bacela, G Quilez-Badia, TH Johengen, DF Reid, and GM Ruiz. 2008. Effect of osmotic shock as a management strategy to reduce transfers of non-indigenous species among low-salinity ports by ships. Aquatic Invasions 3:61-76

Quilez-Badia G, T McCollin, KD Josefsen, A Vourdachas, ME Gill, E Mesbahi, and CLJ Frid. 2008. On board short time high temperature heat treatment of ballast water: A field trial under operational conditions. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 56:127-135

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