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Prorocentrum belizeanum (toxic)
syn. Exuviaella compressa, Exuviaella oblonga, E. lenticulata, E. elongata, E. perforata, Prorocentrum compressum, P. bidens,  P. lebourae,  Mesoporos perforatus, Porella perforatus, P. perforata, P. asymmetrica, P. adriatica, P. bisimpressa, P. globulus, Porotheca perforata (Dodge, Schiller, Silva et al)

There is a great deal of confusion over which species this is. It is in the family Prorocentraceae and widely distributed throughout the world. Size 30um wide, 45um long, total volume 21206. Collected off Carrie Bow Cay in Belize it would seem to be the recently described P. belizeanum. The prominent areolae in the center of the valve is characteristic of the species. Steidinger's description of E. compressa states the valves are thick and poroid and occasionally appear aerolated. See Steidinger in Taxonomic References.