Metadata file for total attenuated and absorbed light measurements.


                meta key #

dataset or series of data Water quality measurements, Rhode River, MD
filename AC9TF
keywords Underwater light, optical properties, estuary, turbidity
originator Gallegos C.
study site locale Rhode River Edgewater, Anne Arundel County, MD, USA
mo./yr. beg. 199902
ongoing? No
mo./yr. end 200210
meas. freq. Weekly
site size Small
# of stations 4
west long. 76.56
east long. 76.5
north lat. 38.91
south lat. 38.86
parameters absorption coefficients, scattering coefficients, particulate absorbance, absorption by colored dissolved organic matter
* last update of DTOC 20030131
* metadata from Gallegos C.
current sharing status None
* target sharing By Request
current advertising status None
* target advertising SERC, WWW