Tidal freshwater wetlands are the topic of a new book edited by Dennis and colleagues Aat Barendregt (Utrecht University) and Andy Baldwin (University of Maryland). 

Their goal, as stated in the preface, is to provide an up-to-date synthesis of past and present information on tidal freshwater wetlands, primarily in North America and Europe where most studies have been conducted. 
Case studies by contributing scientists in North America and Europe provide the framework of detailed information for future efforts to study, conserve and restore these unique ecosystems. 
The 24 chapters describe the structure and function of tidal freshwater wetlands and their often unique place in the historical development of human settlements. These wetlands have been heavily impacted by human activities because they occur at the upper limit of tides in estuaries in areas where many early human settlements were located – ultimately becoming major seaports. Tidal freshwater wetlands are also noted for their rich diversity of plants and animals, high rates of primary and secondary productivity and as important habitats for migratory aquatic and terrestrial animals. 
Tidal Freshwater Wetlands
is available from Margraf Publishers.