Plants & Fungi

The Indirect Effects of Invasive Earthworms on Tree Seedling Recruitment in Deciduous Forests. U.S. Department of Agriculture. Co-PIs: Katalin Szlavecz (Johns Hopkins University), Richard Pouyat (University of MD, USFW).

Identifying Orchid-Fungal Relationships for Isotria medeoloides. U.S. National Park Service.

Orchid-Fungal Interactions - a system for testing hypotheses about the ecological role and distribution of mycorrhizal fungi in affecting plant distribution.  National Science Foundation.Co-PIs: D. Lee Taylor (University of Alaska), Timothy Filley (Purdue University).

Wetland Ecology

The Ecology of Batis maritima in Mangrove Ecosystems with Varying Nutrient Limitations.  Smithsonian Marine Sciences Network Fund. Co-PIs: Jos Verhoeven (Utrecht University), Mark Cable Rains (University of South Florida).

Landscape Ecology

Constructing Probability Surfaces of Ecological Change. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Lead PI: Denice Wardrop (Penn State University). Co-PIs: Dennis Whigham (SERC), Kirk Havens (VIMS).

Headwater Stream Wetland Settings and Shallow Groundwater Influence: relationships to juvenile salmon habitat on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Lead PI: Coowe Walker (Kachemak Bay Research Reserve). Co-PIs: Dennis Whigham (SERC), Ryan King (Baylor University), Mark Cable Rains (University of South Florida).

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