Mario Sengco
Research Scientist/ Principal Investigator


Full Papers in Refereed Journals

Leblond, J.D., Sengco, M.R ., Sickman, J.O., Dahmen, J.L. and Anderson, D.M. (2006) Sterols in the Syndinian dinoflagellate parasite, Amoebophrya sp., a parasite of the dinoflagellate Alexandrium tamarense (Dinophyceae). J. Eukaryot. Microbiol., 53(3): 1-6.

Sengco, M.R. , Hagström, J.A., Granéli, E., Anderson, D.M. and Kuupo, P. (2005) Removal of Prymnesium parvum (Haptophyceae) and its toxins using clay minerals. Harmful Algae, 4(2): 261-274

Beaulieu, S., Sengco, M.R ., and Anderson, D.M. (2005) Using clay to control harmful algal blooms: deposition and resuspension of clay/algal flocs. Harmful Algae, 4(1): 123-138.

Yu, Z., Sengco, M.R. , Anderson D.M. (2004) Flocculation and removal of the brown-tide organism, Aureococcus anophagefferens (Chrysophyceae), using clays. Applied Phycology, 16(2): 101-110.

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Sengco, M.R ., K. Tugend, D.M. Kulis, A. Li, and D.M. Anderson. (2001) Removal of red and brown tide cells using clay flocculation: I. Laboratory culture experiments with Gymnodinium breve and Aureococcus anophagefferens. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 210: 41-53.

Moestrup, Ã?. and Sengco, M. (2001) Ultrastructural studies on Bigelowiella natans, gen. et sp. nov., a chlorarachniophyte flagellate. Journal of Phycology., 37, 624-646.

Sengco, M.R ., Braeutigam, M., Kapp, M., D.G. Mueller. (1996) Detection of virus DNA in Ectocarpus siliculosus and E. fasciculatus (Phaeophyceae) from various geographic areas. European Journal of Phycology, 31 (1): 73-78.

Mueller, D.G., Sengco, M. , Wolf, S.; Braeutigam, M., Schmid, C.E., Kapp, M., R. Knippers. (1996) Comparison of two DNA viruses infecting the marine brown algae Ectocarpus siliculosus and E. fasciculatus. Journal of General Virology, 77 (9): 2329-2333.

Submitted Manuscripts

Sengco M.R. , Brancewicz, C., Edzwald, J.K., and Anderson D.M. Electrophoretic mobility an zeta potential of marine microalgae and clay mineral particles suspended in seawater. Limnology and Oceanography.

Sengco M.R. , and Anderson D.M. Differential removal of marine algal species by clay aggregation: effect of cell concentration, size and swimming rate. Marine Ecology Progress Series.

Published Technical Reports

Anderson, D.M., Sengco M.R ., Li, A. and Beaulieu, S.E. Control of Florida red-tide using phosphatic clay. Florida Institute of Phosphate Research, No. 03-138-207, 2004

Other publications and media

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