Forests as Communities of Individuals
Every forest can be broken down into populations of individual species, and every population can be broken down into individual organisms. Here we uncover forest dynamics by first looking at the smaller pieces and then fitting them together to understand the whole. Learn more>>>

Dispersal and Migration
The presence of rare tree species in biodiverse forests has long puzzled ecologists. Some have suggested long-distance migration as the key to their success, but the ability to compete for survival in their new homes may be just as important as the journey there. Learn more>>>

Climate Change and Forest Growth
Forests all across the world are showing sharp biomass increases. Climate change offers a likely explanation, but without knowing a forest's history, it's difficult to be certain. By looking at forests of all ages, scientists are starting to see the fingerprints of climate change more clearly. Learn more>>>

Forest Canopy Research

The features of a forest's upper story are both the cause and effect of what goes on below. Now a ground-based laser device called LiDAR is helping scientists detect what's happening above from the forest floor. Learn more>>>

Leaf Fall
Time, place and species all impact when trees shed their leaves - a process that in turn affects forest dynamics. How leaves age and fall can have an enormous influence on vital nutrient cycles, as well as the fungi and microbes that live in the soil. Learn more>>>