Primary Research Interests:  

Effects of Light on Living Organisms, particularly UV and Marine Life
UV in the Environment - Long Term Variation of Incident UV, UV Transmittance of Natural Waters   


             Ph.D. Aquatic Ecology, 1985, University of California, Davis   

             M.A.  Statistics, 1981, Columbia University   

             B.A.  Environmental Science (with Honors), 1976, State Univ. of New York, Purchase   


             Title:  "The Diel Variation of Phytoplankton Photosynthesis in Tropical, Alpine Lake Titicaca"     


1999-present      Supervisory Research Photobiologist, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center   

1993-1999        Research Photobiologist, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center   

1992-1993        Research Associate, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, (Energy and Environment                          Division) and Univ. Calif. Davis, (Division of Environmental Studies).   

1990-1993        Adjunct Scientist, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, Maine.   

1988-1993        Research Fellow, Dept. of Plant Biol., Univ. Calif. at Berkeley (w/ Prof. A. Melis).   

1987-1988        Research Scientist, Dept. of Botany, Univ. Calif. at Berkeley, Prof. Z. Cande,                          supervisor.   

1985-1987        Research Scientist, Div. of Molecular Plant Biol., Univ. Calif., Berkeley. Prof. A. Melis,                          supervisor.   

1981-1984        Research Assistant, Div. Environmental Studies, Univ. Calif., Davis.  Profs. P.J.                          Richerson and T.M. Powell, supervisors.   

1977-1980        Senior Research Assistant, Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory, Dept. of Marine                          Biology, Palisades, New York.  Drs. T. Malone and J. Marra, supervisors.   

1975-1976        Research Assistant, State Univ. of New York, Purchase. Prof. J. Utter, supervisor.   


2003, 1998        Research Cruises NBP93-6, LMG98-9, NBP03-05 on R/V Laurence M. Gould,                          Southern Ocean   

1997                 Adjunct Faculty Member, MEES program, University of Maryland, College Park   

1993                 Chief Scientist, Research Cruise NBP93-6 on R/V-IB Nathaniel B. Palmer, Southern                          Ocean   

1986, 1988        Visiting Research Scientist, Freshwater Biological Assoc., U.K., Dr. J. Talling, host.   

PATENT:        Hayes, D. R, Jr., V. R. Goodrich, W. R. Brinley, Jr., P. J. Neale. US Patent                          60/039,339 (pending) "A Cosine Corrected Pathway of a Spectral Radiometer"   


American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, American Association for Advancement of Science, Phycological Society of America, American Geophysical Union, American Society of Photobiology  (Council Member)


  1. P.J. Neale, NSF-Polar Programs, 9/1/2002- 8/31/2006, $265,944 Interactive effects of UV and vertical mixing on phytoplankton and bacterioplankton in the Ross Sea (with Univ. W. Fla and Old Dominion Univ.)
  2. C.L. Gallegos, T.E. Jordan, D. Weller, P.J. Neale and P. Megonial, EPA/STAR, 6/1/03-5/31/06, $748,749 A shallow-water coastal habitat model for regional scale evaluation of management decisions in the Chesapeake region.
  3. P.J. Neale, Forest Service/National Institutes of Standards and Technology, 12/1/03-11/30/2004, $70,000, Operation and Maintenance of Smithsonian Model SR-18 Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometers
  4. C.E. Williamson, P.J. Neale, and 8 other PI's NSF, 9/1/02-8/31/07, $3,105,000, Interactive Effects of UV Radiation and Temperature on Lake Ecosystems, Integrated Research Challenges in Environmental Biology Program, NSF


Session Chair , "UV Radiation Studies and Biological Effects", American Geophysical Union, Ocean Sciences meeting (December 1997), "U.S. Interagency UV Monitoring Network - Program Updates", Am. Society of Photobiology, Wash. D.C. (July 1999), "UV Effects in the Aquatic Environment", Am. Society of Photobiology, Quebec City (July 2002)

Experimental Group Leader , VI meeting of the International Limnology Society (SIL) Group on Aquatic Productivity (GAP), Saskatoon, (June 1993), VII GAP meeting, Zurich, (September 1999).

Workshop participant , "The impact of UV-B radiation on pelagic freshwater ecosystems", working group on "Bacteria and Phytoplankton", Lake Lacawac , PA (Sept. 1993), Interamerican Institute for Global Change Research, "The Effects of UV Radiation on Various Ecosystems at Different Latitudes" Ensenada , Mexico (Sept. 1996) and Puerto Morelos , Mexico (Mar 1997).

Committees , SI representative to Subcommittee on Global Change Research, Committee on Environment and Natural Resources (1997-), US Interagency UV working group of the SGCR (1994 - 2000, Co-chair 2001 - ), Smithsonian Library Users Committee (1998 - ), Oversight Board Coatings Service Life Prediction Consortium, NIST (1996 - ), Curator, Global Links, Forces of Change Exhibit (NMNH), Assessment reviewer Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion, 2002 United Nations Environment Program.

Reviewer , Aquatic Microbial Ecology, Deep Sea Research, Hydrobiologia, Limnology & Oceanography, J. Phycology, J. Geophysical Res., Marine Biology, Marine Ecology Progress Series, Nature, Oceanologica Acta, Plant Physiology, Photochemistry & Photobiology, Photosynthesis Research, Polar Biology. Proposal reviews for NSF Earth Systems Science, Ecological studies, Ocean Sciences and Polar Programs, NSF Polar Programs review panel (1997), USDA National Research Initiative, U.K. Natural Environment Research Council, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.


Graduate Students: Teresa Garner ( Old Dominion University )

Postdoctoral Associates: Anastazia Banaszak (1994-1996 SI Fellowship ), Jennifer Fritz (1997 - 2000), Elena Litchman (1997-2000 SI Fellowship), Evonne Tang (1998 -2000 SI Fellowship), Linda Franklin (2001-2003 SI Fellowship), Cristina Sobrino (2004 - ), Maria Tzortziou (2004- )

Student Interns: Benjamin Babst (1996), Maria Ceballos (1993), Andrea Craig (1995), Cynthia Fong (1994), Kelly Maynard (1999), Jill Peloquin (1998), Kristin Smeby (1998), John Salazar (1994), Anna Spector (1993), Corey Wright (1999), Emmanuelle Schindler (2001), Jacqueline Allen (2002), Courtney

Laboratory Staff : William Brinley (1993 - ), Arthur Ellison (2001-),Russell Goodrich (1993 - ), Douglass Hayes (1993 - 1999), Catherine Jarriel (1993 - 1997), Jenna Lempa ( 2001 - 2004), Jill Peloquin (1997 - 2001), Jesse Phillips-Kress (2004- ) 


UV and Vertical Mixing in the Southern Ocean: Ann Gargett (Old Dominion)

Spectral variation in UV responses of Bacterioplankton: Wade Jeffrey (U. W. Florida)

UV Photochemistyr: David Kieber (SUNY Syracuse ), Ron Kiene (Dauphin Marine Station), Chris Osborn (Naval Research Laboratory)

NIST/USDA/SI UV Network for UV Weathering data: Jonathan Martin (NIST), Jim Slusser (Colorado State Univ.)

UV Effects on Freshwater Ecosystems: Janet Fischer, Mark Olson (Franklin and Marshall), David Mitchell (U Texas ), Robert Sanders ( Temple ), Donald Morris, Robert Moeller and Craig Williamson (Lehigh University )

Publications in Refereed Journals      

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Conference Proceedings and Other Reports

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General Interest Publications discussing Neale Research

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