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The Smithsonian Institution offers fellowships for advanced study at SERC at the senior, postdoctoral, predoctoral, and graduate student levels. Determination of fellowship category for which to apply should be based on the anticipated academic level at the time the fellowship would begin:

Graduate Student Fellowships:
Offered to students formally enrolled in a graduate program of study, who have completed at least one semester, and not yet been advanced to candidacy if in a PhD program. Applicants must submit a proposal for research in a discipline which is pursued at the Smithsonian Institution. The term is 10 weeks with a stipend of $7,000.

Predoctoral Fellowships:
Offered to doctoral candidates who have completed preliminary course work and examinations. The applicant must submit a detailed proposal including a justification for conducting their research in-residence at the Institution. Candidates must have the approval of their universities to conduct doctoral research at the Smithsonian. The term is 3 to 12 months with annual stipend of $32,500 plus allowances.

Postdoctoral/Senior Fellowships:
Offered to scholars who have held their degree or equivalent for less than seven years. Senior fellowships are offered to scholars who held their degree or equivalent for seven years or more. Applicants must submit a detailed proposal including a justification for conducting research in-residence at the Smithsonian. The term is 12-24 months at SERC with the second year of funding contigent upon satisfactory progress and availability of funds. Both fellowships have annual stipend of $48,000 plus allowances.

Fellows are selected in a single, annual competition. The NEW application deadline is December 01, 2016. Please go to  Smithsonian Online Academic Appointment System for submitting your application materials electronically.

For applicants that are currently working at SERC or are affiliated with the agency, we are asking for additional application information. Applicants currently working at SERC should dedicate one page of the proposal to describing their research progress thus far. This progress report should include publications and presentations at conferences and meetings. Applicants affiliated with SERC should write a brief, 5-6 sentence paragraph including the following components: 1.) state your affiliation with SERC, 2.) the nature of the work, and 3.) provide evidence of progress (i.e. publications, etc.).

To ensure that proposed fellowship projects are appropriate for SERC, applicants are encouraged to coordinate with proposed SERC sponsors early on in preparing fellowship proposals. See the research interests to identify possible SERC sponsors.

In addition to the Smithsonian Fellowship program, SERC scientists sometimes hire postdoctoral researchers to work on externally funded research projects. Check the Current Job Openings at SERC or contact individual scientists for more information on such opportunities.

The Smithsonian Institution does not discriminate on grounds of race, creed, sex, age, marital status, condition of disability, or national origin of any applicant.