Cary Miller - Education Department

Ohio University, Athens, Ohio


I had a number of activities or duties while working in the SERC Education Department this summer.  These included leading educational canoe trips on Muddy Creek and helping out with the Estuary Chesapeake Activity Programs.  I also spent time researching and writing about topics for the new Watershed Radio website, which provides more in-depth information about Watershed Radioís one-minute radio spots.  During several video-conferences organized through our new Distance-Learning Program, I helped out behind the camera and pretty much doing whatever needed to be done during the live broadcast.  My primary project, however, was to get the Woodlands Connection Activity Program ready for use.  In this program, students collect data at several different stations: Soil and Hydrology, Micro-Canopy Climates, Plant Communities, and Tree Plots.  At each station, students look at various facets of forest ecology.  In particular, the things I worked on included finishing putting gravel on the trail, finishing the tree plots station, putting in signs for each activity station, remark the trail, revise the teacherís manual, and design a map of the Woodlands Connection trail.

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