Joanna Smith - Education Department

University of Maryland, College Park, MD


As an education intern I am creating new resource boards for one of the educational programs, Estuary Chesapeake.  The resource boards provide displays that guide visiting students (primarily 4th-6th graders) through 5 stations dealing with different aspects of Chesapeake Bay ecology: seining, weather and tides, crabbing, water testing, and the oyster bar community.  In addition to working with this program, I lead canoe trips and trail hikes that introduce students to the ecology of this area and the research going on at SERC. 

After I get my undergraduate degree, I want to continue on in graduate school pursuing environmental education and eventually getting a job in the field.  I applied for this internship because I was particularly interested in environmental education and wanted to get a feel for work as an educator.  I have done that and more.  Not only have I been able to work in the education department, but I have also received an introduction to the research field, gotten to work with different labs, and picked up all kinds of information about the environmental field from lectures given by the researchers, seminars, and other intern programs. 

This summer has made my interest in the field of environmental education even greater, and now I am even more intent on pursuing a career in which I am able to communicate a respect for and love of our natural resources.

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