Gloried Toledo-Duran - Biogeochemistry Lab  

University of Puerto Rico, Arecibo, PR




During this summer at SERC, I was working in the Biogeochemistry lab with Dr. Scott Neubauer. In my research project we were working with an iron oxidizing bacteria inoculated from the roots of a wetland plant. In this research we prepare a group of anoxic and sterile microcosms to look the importance of these bacteria in the oxidation of iron and in the formation of iron plaque, which is an accumulation of Fe(III) in the roots of the wetland plants. Some techniques that we use in this research are: most probable number (MPN) to observe the abundance the iron oxidizing bacteria in the roots and the extraction in sodium dithionite, sodium citrate and sodium bicarbonate (DCB-extraction) to see the concentration of Fe-plaque.

I consider that being in this internship at SERC is one of the most wonderful experiences in my live and I know that this internship is going to helping me to get a good work in the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources of Puerto Rico.

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