Aquil Meeks - Education Department

Howard University, Washington, DC




I worked in the education department this summer with Mark Haddon. I was involved in a series of education programs including: Creek, Creatures, and Canopies (CCC), Estuary Chesapeake, Wetland Ecology, Java History Trail, and Special Day Camp Programs. I worked with Estuary Chesapeake the most. The program has five stations: water testing, crabbing, oyster bar community, plankton investigation, and going fishing (using a seine net). I also lead many canoe trips with Wetland Ecology where we used a field guide to observe the different species in the aquatic ecosystem and tested for water quality using kits for pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), turbidity, and temperature. For my project, I devised a parent guide for the Estuary Chesapeake. It informs the parents about their roles as interactive station leaders, gives safety procedures, and offers step-by-step instructions on how to run each station. This also helps the parents learn more about the aquatic ecosystem.

I plan to continue my education at Howard University, where I am studying bio-environmental science. I wish to pursue a career with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) after graduation and participating in other types of summer programs similar to my internship at SERC. I am sure this summer experience will help me with my future plans and career decisions.  

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