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Eileen Graham - Marine Ecology Lab

University of San Diego, CA

This summer I worked in the Marine Ecology Lab.  Although the lab is small, only 3 full time people, it was a lot of fun and we got to do lots of interesting things.  We did the full range of activities, from working on the weekly day cruises in search for sea nettles and ctenophores to longs hours at the microscope identifying zooplankton.  In addition, we got to lead our own experiments.  We were given choices for topics and from there we were on our own.  Together, Danielle (the other intern) and I were able to complete a summer long survey of the ctenophore populations in the Rhode River and experiments on ctenophore reproductive rates.  Things went so well over this summer that we are planning to write up our results for publication!  On the whole this summer has been great.  It gave me a glimpse into the science world and valuable experience which I will use to my advantage as I search for a job after my graduation next spring.


Funding provided by National Science Foundation-REU