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Vera Junge - Education Department

Audubon Expedition Institute, Lesley University, MA

During my internship at SERC with the Education Department, I spent a great deal of time working with the students who came on campus for the Estuary Chesapeake program. Apart from leading this program most days, I also had three projects. The first was a small craft project for the SERC open house, which will be used again at the Folklife Festival and for some day camps. The second was an improvement to the Estuary Chesapeake program in the Crabbing station, where I made some plastic mounts of crab molts for students to look at and discuss when they aren't catching any crabs.  The third project was the Marsh Explorations program, which I revised with Anna VanDerHeijden.  This is a new program for 6-12th graders talking about the terrestrial component of wetlands, and why they're important to an ecosystem. The internship has been extremely rewarding, and has definitely helped further my goals to teach in an environmental field one day.