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Sarah Stables - Education Department

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

The majority of my time as an education intern was spent working with children, either running day camps or helping with the Estuary Chesapeake program.  I helped organize and run 2-day camps, each lasting one-week.

In addition to working with children this summer, I was also required to conduct a research experiment.  I chose to do research on the efficiency of the Estuary Chesapeake Program.  I conducted a survey to determine: 1)what students already know about the Chesapeake Bay prior to coming through the program, and 2) whether or not students are leaving the program having learned the information that we are trying to teach them.  The survey consisted of 9 multiple-choice questions pertaining specifically to stations in the program.  Students were given the survey before they went through the program and again after they finished the program.  I later recorded and analyzed the data collected, making observations and suggesting possible reasons for the results of the survey. 

As of right now I am thinking about going into education after I graduate.  Right out of college I would like to get a job teaching Earth Science at the secondary level and hopefully coach or at least be involved with the basketball and softball programs at the school where I teach.  Eventually I can see myself possibly doing something in administration or working with an environmental organization.  Iâ??m just so indecisive at this point in my life, who knows where Iâ??ll end up in the next few years.

Funding provided by National Science Foundation - REU