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Alumni are listed below in alphabetical order by last name.


Dr. Denise Akob (Summer 1999, 2000, and 2001 with Candy Feller) is a Research Microbiologist working with the US Geological Survey in Reston, Virginia.  She received her PhD from Florida State University in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Her email address is

Charlee Darby Anzalone (Summer 1995, with Wayne Coats) is Senior Technical Recruiter for SAIC in Melbourne, Florida. Charlee's email address is

Becky Archer (Summer 2000, with Mark Haddon) is Lecturer/Director of College Scholar Program in Environmental Science & Technology at University of Maryland, College Park. Her email address is

Tamieka Armstrong (Summer 2002, 2003, with D. Wayne Coats) is a General Biologist for IAP World Services in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Her email address is


Lisa Balduman (1987, with Dennis Whigham) received her Master's degree in Forest Science from Oregon State University. She is now a Technical Information Specialist with the US Forest Service - Pacific Northwest Research Station. She is married and has a son and a daughter. Lisa's email address is

Dr. Michael Battaglia (Summer 1994, with Jess Parker) is currently a Postdoctoral Associate at the U.S. Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.  After finishing his Master's, he moved to Fort Collins, CO where he completed a PhD degree at Colorado State University. Mike is married to his wife, Chrissy, whom he met while he was doing his internship in Oak Ridge, CO. His email address is

Stacey Bealmear (Summer 1997, with Bert Drake) is an Urban Horticulture agent with the Yuma County Extension office at the University of Arizona. Her email address is

Dr. Matthew Beaty (Summer 1996, with Jess Parker) is an Urban Environmental Geographer at CSIRO Ecosystems Science in Australia.  He earned his PhD in Geography at Penn State University. Matthew's email address is

Bernd Bendinger (1982-1983 with Tom Jordan) is a senior scientist at the DVGW - Forschungsstelle Technical University of Hamburg - Harburg in Germany. He is the lead microbiologist working on the issues with drinking water. Bernd's email address is  

Dr. Gry Mine Berg (Summer 1991, with Wayne Coats) is a Senior Scientist with URS Corporation in San Francisco.

Amanda (Bower) Castelli (Summer 2000, with Don Weller) is an Online Adjunct Faculty for Axia College of University of Phoenix in Boulder, Colorado. She is also a busy at-home first-time mom.  Amanda's email address is


Doug Call (Summer 2002, with Don Weller) is a PhD candidate in the Environmental Engineering Program at Penn State University. His email address is
Carissa (Capuano) Rodrigue (Summer 1999, with Tuck Hines) is a JD/MPH student at the Boston University School of Law & Public Health. Carissa's email address is

Laura (Carrier) Wood (Summer 2001, with Tuck Hines) is a Development Officer with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in Annapolis, MD. Laura's email address is

Chris Case (Summer 1999, with Mark Haddon) works for Dupont (Stein-Haskell) as a Lab technician in the agricultural department. Chris' email is

Maria Ceballos is a Research Technician with the Ecosystem Ecology and Restoration Studies laboratory of the UMCES Chesapeake Biological Lab in Solomons, MD. Maria's email is

Saharah Moon Chapotin (Spring 1997, with Jess Parker) is Acting Director Chief for Agricultural Research in Washington, DC.  She earned her PhD in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University.

Sarah (Chamberlain) Miller (Summer 1987, with Bert Drake) received her MS in Ecology and Systematics from San Francisco State University. She is currently a Senior Research Assistant at Penn State University Riparia program. Sarah is married with 2 sons. Sarah's email address is

Christine Chui-Lee (Summer 1998 and 1999, with Greg Ruiz) received her Master of Environmental Health and Master of Public Health from Yale University. She is an Associate for PRIZIM, Inc. Christine's email address is 

Dr. Kelton Clark (Summer 1993, with Greg Ruiz) is Director of the Morgan State University Estuarine Research Center located on the Patuxent River at Jefferson Patterson Park in St. Leonard, MD. His email address is

Galeet Cohen (Summer 2000, with Tuck Hines) is a Biology/Environmental Science teacher at Central High School in Philadelphia. Galeet can be contacted at

Dr. Maureen Coleman (Spring 2001, with Greg Ruiz) is a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT. Her email address is

Rachel Collin (Summer 1992, with Tuck Hines) is a Staff Scientist/Director of Bocas Research Station at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. Rachel's email address is

Audrey Colnar (Summer 2001, with Greg Ruiz) attends Western Washington University as a Master's candidate in Environmental Toxicology. Audrey's email address is

Andrea (Craig) King (Summer 1995, with Pat Neale) is a Promotions Director/Marketing Consultant for WGRQ FM radio in Virginia. Andrea's email address is


Michelle Daley (Summer 1997, with Tom Jordan) is a Research Assistant/Associate Director of Water Resources Research Center at the University of New Hampshire. Michelle's email address is

Kelly Dobbins (Summer 2001, with Jess Parker and Fall 2001, with Don Weller) is an open Senior Planner for the Orange County Water Authority in Goshen, NY. Kelly's email address is

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Keith Elwood (Summer 1982, with John Balling) is living in British Columbia, Canada and the CEO of The Lime Kiln Group, a strategic research company located on on an Island in the Pacific. Keith's email address is  

Sarah Eppley (Summer 1998, with Dave Correll) is a Quality Control Microbiologist for Centocor, Inc. in Malvern, PA. Sarah's email address is

Kirsten Evans (Summer 1990, with Chuck Gallegos) received her MA at the School of Marine Affairs at the University of Washington. She is currently the Deputy Director at the The Nature Conservancy for Strategies & Learning in Seattle. 


Tom Faha (Summer 1978, with David Correll) is a Water Permit Manager with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. Tom is married and has 4 sons. His email address is

Bonnie (Fauth) Werner (Winter 1976, Environmental Education) is an Elementary School Teacher in California. Her husband is the Associate Dean of Clinical Medicine at Loma Linda University Medical Center. They have 2 daughters and 2 sons. Bonnie's email address is  

Mary Ford (Spring 1998, with Mark Haddon) is Program Manager of Environmental Education and Training Partnership for the National Audubon Society in Washington, DC. Mary's email address is

Brigid Franey (Summer 2001, with Jess Parker) received her MA in Education at Smith College. She is teaching science at Catherine McAuley High School in Maine. Brigid's email address is


Kim Givler (Fall 2001, with Pat Megonigal) received her PhD in Physical Therapy at Idaho State University. She did a clinical internship in spinal cord injury and neurologic trauma in Cape Town, South Africa.  She joined Professional Therapy Associates in her native state Montana. Kim's email address is

Lisa Goldman (Summer 1992, with Jess Parker) is a graduate fellow/staff attorney in environmental law at the Institute for Public Representation in Washington, DC. Her email address is

Suzanne Graham (Summer 1997, with Greg Ruiz) is a PhD student at the University of Washington in the Department of Zoology. Her email is  

Scott Gransden (Summer 1996, with Wayne Coats) works as a Sales Representative for Cobalt Pharmaceuticals in Ontario Canada. He earned his Master's degree from the University of Guelph. Scott's email address is

Chris Guadiz (Summer 1992, with Tuck Hines) was an awardee of the Smithsonian Minority Fellowship. He's currently working as an Associate Pastor (Family Life Minister) at the Fairmount Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lodi, CA. He has been married to his wife Torie for 6 years and they have an 8 month old son named Gordon. Chris is also a 1st Lt. in the US Army Reserve where he functions as a Chaplain Candidate and a volunteer chaplain for the Lodi Police Department. Here is Chris' current contact information1820 Cape Cod Circle, Lodi, CA 95242. His email address is  


Sharon (Handley) Moesel (Summer 1995, with Greg Ruiz and Summer 1996, with Tuck Hines) completed a double major BS in biochemistry and marine biology from the University of Maryland College Park. She then received a Masters of Environmental Management, specializing in coastal management from Duke University. She is currently a Faculty Research Assistant at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory in Solomons, MD. She is studying ballast water treatment technologies at Baltimore harbor in an effort to reduce the introduction of non-indigenous aquatic nuisance species via ships' ballast water. Sharon's email address is

Jeffrey Harding (Spring and Summer 1988, with Tuck Hines) is working as a Research Fishery Biologist (salmon ecology team) for NOAA/NMFS/SWFSC in Santa Cruz, California. Jeff's email address is

Jon Hasfjord (Summer 1998, with Mark Haddon) is a Media and Application Specialist for Bioquant Image Analysis Corporation in Nashville, TN. Jon's email address is

Eve Hiatt (Winter/Spring 1976, with Jim Lynch) received her Masters in Zoology from the University of Washington studying field endocrinology. She went on to receive her PhD from Northwestern where she studied classical mammalian reproductive neuroendocrinology. After 7 years at various research institutions she decided to switch gears. She is currently working as an obstetrics nurse and training as a nurse practitioner in women's health. Her husband in a professor in biomedical research and they have two daughters.

Dr. Kirsten Hofmockel (Hauser) (1994 and 1995 with Dennis Whigham) is an Assistant Professor in Microbial Ecology at Iowa State University.  She received her PhD at Duke University. Her email address is

Naomi Hosaka (Summer 2000, with Candy Feller) is currently a Ph.D. student at Tokyo Metropolitan University. She's working on a predoctoral fellowship at SERC in 2002 and 2003. 

Sharon Hosko (Summer 1985, with Tuck Hines) is Manager of the Brecksville Nature Center with Cleveland (Ohio) Metroparks. She loves sharing her love for the natural world with others. Sharon's email address is

Shelby Howard (Summer 2000, with Tuck Hines) is the Manager for Restoration Biology and Construction Monitoring at HELIX Environmental Planning, Inc in San Diego, CA. Shelby's email address is 

Dr. Mary Howe (Summer 1987, with Chuck Gallegos) is Professor in the Department of Biology at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA. Her email address is 

Andrew Hunt (Summer 2000, with Mark Haddon) is Principle Consultant at AGH Strategies, LLC in Washington, DC.

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Dr. Libby Jewett (Summer 1998, with Tuck Hines) is the first Director for the NOAA Ocean Acidification Program in Silver Spring, MD. She received her PhD from the University of Maryland. Her email address is  

Dr. David Johnson (Summer 1998, with Chuck Gallegos) received his PhD in Genetics at Stanford University. He is Co-founder/Senior Vice-President of Research & Development for Gene Security Netowrk, Inc. He is an inventor, entrepreneur, and expert in single-cell genomics.

Dr. Jennifer Jones (Summer 1993, with Jim Lynch) received her PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering at UCLA. She is currently Unit Chief for California Department of Toxic Substances Control in Glendale. Jennifer's email address is  


Denise (Kabara) Marmer (Summer 1988, with Bert Drake) is Project Manager for the North Regulatory Service with the US Army Corps of Engineers in the Cincinnati field office. Denise's email address is

Alex Kalejs (Spring 1999, with Mark Haddon) received his Master's degree in Acoustics. His email address is

Min Sui Keung (Summer 1994, with Tuck Hines) is a Naturalist at Cleveland (Ohio) Metroparks. Min Sui's email address is

Sharon Kissling (Summer 1992, with Greg Ruiz) is working at the Center for Marine Science at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She's an Undersea Research Diver/Research Technician, working in the Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program. Sharon's email address is

Jammie Kohen (Summer 2000, with Tuck Hines) is currently a receptionist at an Animal Hospital. She lived in the field and collected seabird data for USFWS in Alaska during summer 2001 and then worked as a Biological Aide monitoring desert tortoise and fish populations for the State of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources in 2003. Jammie's email is

Anna Krainer (Summer 2002, with Greg Ruiz) works as Environmental Specialist II with the Maryland Environmental Services in their Environmental Dredging and Restoration Division. She assists with dredged material placement projects such as Popular Island in the Bay, as well as oyster habitat restoration work. Anna's email address is


Mary (Lammert) Khoury (Summer 1989, with Mark Haddon) is an Aquatic Ecologist/Conservation Planner with the Nature Conservancy Freshwater Initiative. She completed her Master's degree at the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources. Her email address is  

Kristen Larson (Summer 1999, with Tuck Hines) is working at SERC under Greg Ruiz in the Invasions Lab. She is the project coordinator for the Near Shore Survey which measures predator/prey relations between grass shrimp and their major predators. She is also one of the project leaders for the National Fouling Survey. This project provides a baseline database of fouling organisms in select bays across the United States in order to track the rate and prevalence of invasive species. Kristen's email address is

Jonathan Lee (Summer 1998, with Tuck Hines) is currently a graduate student in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell University. His email address is

Jenna Lempa (Spring 2000, with Tom Jordan) is currently a biological technician for Dr. Pat Neale in the Photobiology Lab at SERC. Jenna's email address is

Ann Levin (Summer 1985, with Jim Lynch) is a Biology Teacher at Waukegan Ninth Grade Center. Her email address is

Elizabeth Ley (Spring 1978, with Dennis Whigham and Jim Lynch) worked on a project doing vegetation surveys as the background for a breeding bird study. After her internship she continued working at what was then CBCES (Chesapeake Bay Center for Environmental Studies). She had the opportunity to participate in several field studies in the Yucatan with Dennis and Jim during the 1980's and early 1990's. Since then Elizabeth has been working at the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, DC. For the last 8 years she has served as the Gardens Unit Leader which means she's responsible for managing the staff who curate and maintain the gardens and collections. Also since leaving SERC (or CBCES) Elizabeth married Ed Balinsky (a former SERC employee) and now has 2 teenage sons and reside in Edgewater, MD. Elizabeth's email address is

Marcela Liljesthrom (Summer 2002, with Greg Ruiz) is Co-coordinator for Golondrinas de las Americas in South America.  This is a NSF-sponsored project on swallowtails through Cornell University. Her email address is

Dani Lipski (Spring 1999, with Greg Ruiz) earned her Master's degree at San Diego State University in the Ecology Program. She is a Research Specialist at the Channel Island National Marine Sanctuary in Santa Barbara. Her email address is

Bruce Louks (Fall 1976, with Maria Faust) is employed as an Air Quality Monitoring, Monitoring, and Emissions Program Manager with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality in Boise. He is married and has 3 kids. Bruce's email address is

Lara Lustig (Summer 2000, with Mark Haddon) is a 6th grade Math teacher in Swannanoa, North Carolina.  Her email address is


Kelly (Maynard) Moore (Summer 1999, with Pat Neale) received her Master's degree in Environmental Science from Indiana University. She is currently an Environmental Scientist with Rummel, Klepper, and Kahl in Baltimore, MD. She married Chris Moore in October 2002. Kelly's email address is
John Majoris (Summer 2008, with Tuck Hines) completed a dual BS degree in marine biology and aquaculture at Florida Institute of Technology. He is currently a PhD student at Boston University studying the sensory abilities and active dispersal behavior of larval reef fish. His email address is

Cary Miller (Summer 2001, with Mark Haddon) is currently working on a summer internship with the Southface Energy Institute in Atlanta, GA. He plans to start graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall studying Sustainable Development. Cary's email address is  

Eleanor Milne (Summer 1995, with Bert Drake) completed her PhD dissertation on soil erosion and crop productivity in the Yunnan Province in China. She is currently the European Union Project Manager in Southeast Asia on sustainable highland agriculture. She is also the International Project Coordinator for the University of Reading, Department of Soil Science in the United Kingdom. Elaenor can be contacted at the following email address

Melissa Mitchem (Summer 2001, with Don Weller) is an Environmental Scientist with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality in Billings. Her email address is

Stacey (Morgan) Anfuso (Summer 1991, with Chuck Gallegos) completed a Master's degree in Oceanography at Oregon State University, then worked at Scripps Institution of Oceanography for 8 years. She is currently Vice-President of KUITY Corporation living in San Diego working as a Computer System Engineer in the defense industry. Stacey's email is

Dr. Kate Murphy (Spring 1999, with Greg Ruiz) is an ecologist working for the Marine Invasions Lab in Australia. Kate's email is

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Darius Nassiry (Summer 1987, with Bert Drake) is working as a Principal with Industrial Decisions, Inc., an energy advisory subsidiary of Mizuho Securities in Tokyo, Japan. Darius' email address is

Christine Niebler (Summer 1993, with Don Weller). Her email address is

Kristi (Niehaus) Woods (Summer 2000, with Dennis Whigham) is a Research Associate with Novozymes Biologicals, Inc in Salem, VA.  Kristi's email address is


Dr. Ramona (O'Halloran) Swenson (Summer 1987, with Tuck Hines) is a Senior Consultant for Cardno ENTRIX in Sacramento, California. She earned her PhD in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley and married Kirk Swenson (former SERC computer manager). Ramona's email address is 

Sara (Osborn) Gilbert (Summer 1997, with Tuck Hines) is a student in veterinary medicine at Colorado State University. Her email address is

Dr. Kenric Osgood (Summer 1982, with Tuck Hines) received his PhD in Oceanography and is currently Chief of the Marine Ecosystems Division at NOAA NMFS Office of Science & Technology in Silver Spring. His email address is 


Nancy (Polen) McAllister (Summer 1995, with Jim Lynch) received her Master's degree in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development from the University of Maryland at College Park. Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, Nancy was an Environmental Education Program Manager and Science Teacher. Nancy is married to Paul McAllister, a former employee of the chemistry lab at SERC. Nancy's email address is  

Dr. Rachel Poretsky (Summer 1998, with Tom Jordan) earned her PhD in Microbial Ecology at the University of Georgia. She is currently a Postodoctoral Fellow in Civil & Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of technology. Her email address is

Dr. Mary Poteet (Summer 1989, with Greg Ruiz) is a Research Fellow at the University of Texas in Austin after she completed her PhD at UC Berkeley. Mary's email address is

Dr. Jennifer Powers (Fall and winter 1991-1992, with David Correll) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Plant Biology at the University of Minnesota. Her email address is



John Richardson (Summer 1998, with Greg Ruiz) is a Scientist II in the Biological Sciences at the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences in Gloucester, VA. His email address is

Kathryn (Roache) Johnson (Summer 1998, with Tom Jordan) is a Research Assistant in Microbiology at the Darling Center - University of Maine. Her email address is

Dr. Heather Roffey (Summer 1990, with Tuck Hines) is a Senior Lecturer at McGill University in Montreal. She is also the women's lacrosse coach. Heather's email address is

Christine Ross (Summer 1984, with Tuck Hines) is a Senior Aquatic Biologist for TAMS Consultants, Inc. in New York City. Her email address is

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N. John Salazar (Summer 1994, with Pat Neale) is a Quality Assurance Supervisor for PCI Clinical. John's email address is

Emmanuelle Schindler (Summer 2001, with Pat Neale) is a PhD/MD graduate student at Drexel University School of Medicine. Her email address is

Dr. Jeff Schloss (Fall 1976, with John Faulk) is Distinguished Professor/Chair of Biology Department/Director for Center for Faith, Ethics, & Life Sciences at Westmont College in California. Jeff's email address is

Deborah (Schneider) Lank (Summer 1994, with Mark Haddon) received her MSW for social work and is working in the Baltimore area. Deborah's email address is

Laura Schreeg (Summer 1998 and 1999, with Candy Feller) is a PhD student in Plant & Ecosystem Ecology at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Her email address is

Dr. Paul Seelbach (Summer 1980, with Tuck Hines) is the Fishery Biologist & Branch Chief for the USGS Great lakes Science Center in Ann Arbor. Dr. Seelbach was the first intern hosted by Dr. Tuck Hines in the Crab Lab!

Kristen Shuyler (Summer 1996, with Mark Haddon) earned an MA in geography and an MLIS (Master of Library and Information and Science). She now works as a Information Services Coordinator and Research Librarian at Seattle University. Kristen's email address is

Dr. Samuel Sibley (Fall 2000, with Tom Jordan) is currently a Research Associate in the Department of Soil Science at the University of Wisconsin Madison. He received his PhD in Environmental Chemistry and Technology. Sam's email address is  

Russell Silver (Fall 1993, with Tom Jordan) is a High School Physics teacher at Burbank High in Burbank, CA. Russ' email address is

Naomi Skoglund (Spring 1997, with Tom Jordan) is currently an Elementary/Middle School teacher in New York City. She is also attending graduate school at Hunter College. Naomi's email address is

Dr. Gabriela Smalley (summer 1994-95, with Wayne Coats), is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geological, Environmental, and Marines Sciences at Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ. Her email is

Julio Lorda Solorzano (Summer 2001, with Greg Ruiz) is a PhD candidate at the University of California at Santa Barbara in Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology. His email address is

Anna Spector (Fall 1993 and Spring 1994, with Pat Neale) is the Coordinator of Fundraising and Project Development at TROPICO-Bolivian Conservation Association. Their mission is the conservation of biodiversity in the framework of sustainable development. Anna was married in July 2002 to Oscar Bernal Acevedo from Columbia. Her email address is

Dr. Mia Steinberg (Spring 2002, with Greg Ruiz) is a Marine Scientist at the US Naval Surface Warfare Center in Washington, DC. She earned her PhD in Marine Science from the University of Delaware. Her email address is

Melissa Stern (Summer 1994, with Tom Jordan) is Senior Product Manager for Microsoft in Seattle, Washington. She is married to Paul Gleason. Their email address is

Stavroula Stolaki (Winter 2001-2002, with Bert Drake) is a Doctoral candidate at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Meteorology and Climatology. Roula's email address is

Ryan Szuch (Summer 1999 and 2000, with Tom Jordan) is a Senior Associate with ENVIRON International Corporation in Princetone, New Jersey. Ryan can be reached at


Julie (Thien) Eulinger (Summer 2001, with Pete Marra) is currently a Medical Transcriptionist at Focus Informatics. She lives in Hawk Point, Montana with her husband, Keith and son, Brady. Julie's email address is  

Tierney Thys (Summer 1986, with Tuck Hines) is a Science Editor with Sea Studios in Monterey, CA. Tierney's email address is

Erin Turack (Spring 1999, with Chuck Gallegos) is returning to school to get her science teaching certificate. Erin's email address is

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Patricia (Valentine) Bernhardt (1976-77) is an Environmental Planner and GIS Specialist.

Dr. Stephen Vail (1978-79, with Jim Lynch) is currently an Associate Professor of Biology at William Paterson University in New Jersey. Stephen's email is


Katherine Wakelee (Fall 1990, with Greg Ruiz) died of cancer on 12/21/00. She had been a Wildlife Biologist doing field studies of birds. She worked on the California Condor recovery team and also studied the San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike, the O'Mau in Hawaii and the Pearly-Eyed Thrasher in Puerto Rico. Prior to her illness she worked for the USGS in Vicksburg, MS studying forest birds.

Denise Walker (Summer 2000, with Catherine Lovelock) is the Deputy Attorney General for Environmental litigation in Indianapolis. She earned her JD/Master of Public Affairs in Environmental Policy at the Indiana University of Law School. Her email is

Dorothy (Wallace)-Senft (Summer 1992 with Dennis Whigham) is currently a seasonal Plant Biotechnician working for the NRCS (formerly the SCS) in Kenai, Alaska surveying plants in different terrain and habitat types to correlate with the soils that are found in these sites. She is working from North Kenai up to Point Possession and get around by hiking, using ATVs and helicopters. In the winters she is a cross country ski instructor. My favorite position so far was being a plant bio tech in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge here in Alaska. In the springs and autumns I return to Vermont where I visit my parents, siblings, and 5 nieces and nephews.Dorothy can be reached via email at

Sarah (Washington)-Halsted (Summer 1992, with Mark Haddon) is a Science teacher at Spanaway Junior High School in Tacoma, WA. She is also the head coach of men's and women's crew at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. Sarah's email address is

Erin (Watts) Wisnieski (Fall 1987, with Tuck Hines) is the Director of Habitat Management at the Irvine Nature Center in Maryland. Her email address is

Brandon Webb (Spring 2001, with Mark Haddon) is a Writer/Research Associate with the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Brandon's email address is

David Welch (Summer 1999, with Don Weller) is a PhD student studying Environmental Science and Forest Ecology at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. David's email address is

Dr. Christine Whitcraft (Winter 1999-2000, with Greg Ruiz) is an Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences at California State University Long Beach.  She earned her PhD in wetland ecology at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, CA. Her research focuses on identifying the importance of changing plant cover on wetland structure and function.  Christine's email address is

Louise (Wieteke) Willemen (Spring and Summer 2002, with Don Weller) is a PhD candidate at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Her email address is

Mya Williams (1996-1997, with Bert Drake) is a garden designer in California. Her email address is

Becky Wisnosky (Summer 2002, with Jess Parker) lives in Enola, PA. and teaches high school biology in the Harrisburg school disctrict. Becky's email address is

Felisa Wolfe-Simon (summers 1996 and 1997, with Wayne Coats) is a PhD student at the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences of Rutgers University working with Dr. Paul Falkowski and Dr. Oscar Schofield. Felisa's email address is

Steven Wu (Summer 1989, with Tuck Hines) is a Clinical Instructor in Pediatric Gastroenterology at UCLA Medical Center. Steven's email address is


Enrico Yepez-Gonzales (Summer 1998, with Bert Drake) is a PhD student at the University of Arizona in Tucson, School of Renewable Natural Resources. Enrico's email address is

Alicia Young Williams (Spring 2001, with Tuck Hines) is a PhD student at the University of Maryland College Park in the MEES program. After completing her internship she continued to work in the Crab Lab as a technician. Alicia's email address is

Wendy Yun (Summer and Fall 1991, with Chuck Gallegos) is a Business Management Specialist for the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region covering California, Hawaii and the Pacific Territories. She previously held positions as a hydrologist on the national forests. Wendy's email address is

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The property that SERC occupies was originally the Java Dairy Farm. This is a picture of a silo located at the corner of what is now the Mathias Laboratory. The silo and part of the building were removed in September, 1996.



**If you would like to list your alumni information or make changes to a current listing, please email this information to Information that we would like to track includes: year of internship, PI, and lab; current address, phone number, and email; current position/job; and any other information you would like to share. Any photos you might have would be great too! Also be sure to indicate which information can be posted on the web site.