SERC Dock Monitoring Data, 1980 - 1990

A U.S. Geological Survey monitor collected water quality data at the SERC dock on the Rhode River from 1980 - 1990.  The USGS monitor recorded hourly observations of conductivity (micromhos), dissolved oxygen (mg/liter), pH, and temperature (degrees C). Daily maximums, minimums, and averages for each variable were calculated.  Hourly data are available from 1984 - 1990.  Daily data are available from 1980 - 1990.  

Using the form below, you may access the hourly or daily water quality data.  You may choose to have the data presented in easy-to-view HTML tables or as comma-delimited ASCII text which can be imported into spreadsheet programs.

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hourly data conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and temperature every hour Metadata
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