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meta key # cano004
dataset or series of data Foliage Leaching by Acids, SERC, Edgewater, MD
keywords Liriodendron, Liquidambar, Quercus, Fagus, Cornus, Carpinus, Carya, acidity, net_efflux, ionic_strength
originator Parker, G.G., Billings, M., Rasberry, G.
file format column formatted ascii text
study site locale SERC Tower Forest, Edgewater, Anne Arundel County, MD, USA
beg. date (yyyymmdd) 198809
ongoing? no
end date (yyyymmdd) 198809
meas. freq. one-time sample
site size 1.625 ha
# of stations 6 trees
west long. -76.55
east long. -76.55
north lat. 38.87
south lat. 38.87
parameters Species, replicate, leachant pH, leachate pH, concentrations of SO4, NO3, Cl, NH4, Na, K, Mg, Ca
current sharing status available to collaborators
current advertising status oral presentation, SERC website
abstract Acid-dependent leaching potential (pH 2.5,3,3.5,4,4.5,5,&5.5) of major solutes from leaves of 7 major canopy species measured in the laboratory using a rainwater simulation procedure ("leaching potential").
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