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meta key # dock005
dataset or series of data Tide Gauge at SERC Dock, 1980 - 1990
keywords tide stage, water depth, Rhode River, Maryland, dock monitoring
originator Weller, D., Jordan, T., Correll, D.
file format Excel 2000
platform Windows
study site locale SERC, Rhode River, Edgewater, Maryland
beginning date 19801212
ongoing? no
ending date 19900713
meas. freq. every 15 minutes
site size point
# of stations 1
west longitude -76.54
east longitude -76.54
north latitude 38.89
south latitude 38.89
parameters Key, year, month, day, jday (Julian day), time (hhmm), Depth (centifeet), Avg? (Y=yes, when tapes overlapped, the two data points for a given time slot were averaged together)
current sharing status available by request
current advertising status Intranet, SERC public site
abstract Station 125, formerly known as station 124, was a tide gauge located near the end of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center dock. This gauge recorded the water depth in centifeet every 15 minutes from December 1980 to July 1990. The data were recorded onto paper tapes that were then digitized by a Steven's Translator.  All of the original files were compiled into one Excel database: Station125.xls. To to this, the starting date and time for the samples in the file were obtained from the original file name. All times after the first one were calculated by adding 15 minutes to the preceding time. If the data from one file overlapped the data from the next file, the duplicate measurements were averaged.
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