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meta key # inva011
dataset or series of data National Marine and Estuarine Invasions Database
keywords Invasions, nonindiginous species, historical change
originator Ruiz, G.R., Fofonoff, P.W.
file format Access, *.mdb
platform Windows
study site locale USA
mo./yr. beg. 1999801
ongoing? yes
mo./yr. end  
meas. freq. continuous
site size N/A
# of stations N/A
west long. -78
east long. -75
north lat. 40
south lat. 36.5
parameters invasion history, population biology, community ecology, and effects of each nonindigenous species in the Chesapeake Bay
current sharing status not available
current advertising status scientific pub, conference presentation, SERC Web Site
abstract Nonindigenous species found in the tidal waters of the United States. This is an extensive database on the history of invasion for the United States, documenting key attributes that include date of arrival, source region, probable mechanism of invasion, history of spread, present distribution, biological and life-history attributes, community ecology, and ecological / economic impacts. The database presently contains information for approximately 570 species, 45 regions of the United States, and we continue to expand and update the database.  Our database is complete for the Chesapeake Bay, and analyses of invasion patterns and effects in the Chesapeake are at various stages of completion.
additional documentation / reference article

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