SERC Data Table of Contents

meta key # inva013
dataset or series of data Aquatic Invasions Research Directory (AIRD)
keywords invasions, research, directory
originator Ruiz, G.R.
file format MySQL Database
platform Linux
study site locale Woldwide
mo./yr. beg. 2000401
ongoing? yes
mo./yr. end  
meas. freq. continuous
site size N/A
# of stations N/A
west long. N/A
east long. N/A
north lat. N/A
south lat. N/A
parameters aquatic invasions project descriptions, contact information
current sharing status available to query on web
current advertising status AIRD Web Site, SERC Public Site
abstract The Directory is an Internet-based, searchable database containing up-to-the-minute information on people, research, technology, policy, and management issues relevant to aquatic invasions. The scope of the Directory falls into four broad areas: 1. The ecology of ballast water, 2. Ballast water treatment and technologies, 3. the ecology of aquatic invasions, and 4. Policy and management.
additional documentation / reference article

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