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meta key # modl002
dataset or series of data 1993 land use for Muddy Creek basin, Rhode River, MD
keywords watershed, land use, agriculture, Maryland
originator Weller, D.E.
file format ARC/INFO polygon coverage
platform Windows NT
study site locale Rhode River watershed, Edgewater, Anne Arundel County, MD, USA
beg. date (yyyymmdd) 1993
ongoing? no
end date (yyyymmdd) 1993
meas. freq. once
site size 2299 ha
# of stations 2583 polygons
west long. -76.623
east long. -76.535
north lat. 38.921
south lat. 38.844
parameters area, perimeter, land use#, land use-id, croptype, land use; 13 land use categories: forest, old field, row crop, orchard, pasture, ungrazed grass, fallow, farm yard, residential yard, road, building, marsh, water
current sharing status available to collaborators
current advertising status scientific publication, SERC web site
abstract Land use for long-term Rhode River study watersheds. Used ARC/INFO to trace land use patches from 1984 1:2400 b/w aerial photos. The resulting coverage was geographically referenced using control points from 1:2400 topographic maps. The photos and maps were both obtained from the Anne Arundel Co. Office of Planning and Zoning. Updated the coverage from 1989 b/w 1:2400 photos and 1990 color slides. Verified land use in all patches observable on the ground.
additional documentation / reference article Weller et. al unpublished ms.

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