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meta key # modl006
dataset or series of data stream sampling stations for watershed study, Chesapeake Bay
keywords watershed, stream, station
originator Weller, D.E., Correll, D.L.
file format ARC/INFO point coverage
platform Windows NT
study site locale Chesapeake Bay Watershed, USA
beg. date (yyyymmdd) 1974
ongoing? yes
end date (yyyymmdd)  
meas. freq. once
site size points
# of stations 532
west long. -80.663
east long. -74.58
north lat. 43.055
south lat. 36.602
parameters area, perimeter, stations#, stations-id
current sharing status available to collaborators
current advertising status scientific publication, SERC web site
abstract Stream sites sampled by automated sampler or spot sampling in the NSF watershed study. The sites are grouped in 17 regional clusters throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Sites were mapped in the field onto USGS 7.5' topographic maps, then digitized from those maps into a series of ARC/INFO point coverages (one for each cluster).
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