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meta key # modl009
dataset or series of data Coastwatch Change Analysis Program (C-CAP) land cover, Chesapeake Bay watershed
keywords land cover, coast, habitat change, monitoring, LandSat
originator NOAA C-CAP
file format ARC/INFO grid
platform Windows NT
study site locale Chesapeake Bay Watershed, USA
beg. date (yyyymmdd) acquired 199307
ongoing? no
end date (yyyymmdd)  
meas. freq.  
site size 30 m2 pixels
# of stations  
west long. -80.633
east long. -74.58
north lat. 43.055
south lat. 36.602
parameters landcover class; 15 land cover categories: nodata, high intensity developed, low intensity developed, cropland, grassland, deciduous forest, evergreen forest, mixed forest, shrubs, forested palustrine wetland, estuarine wetland, tidal flats, exposed land
current sharing status publicly available at
current advertising status advertised by originator
abstract The NOAA Coastal Ocean Program's Coastal-Change Analysis Program (C-CAP), is developing tools to monitor and understand changes in wetland and adjacent uplands and to relate these impacts to living marine resources. C-CAP has mapped these areas in Chesapeake Bay and its watershed using Landsat satellite imagery for detection of emergent wetlands and uplands, and aerial photography for detection of submerged aquatic vegetation. Land cover was classified form Landsat Thematic Mapper scenes for two time periods: 1984 and 1998-1989. []
additional documentation / reference article C-CAP. 1992. CoastWatch Change Analysis Project (C-CAP): Chesapeake Bay land cover classification data, 1984 and 198

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