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meta key # phyt015
dataset or series of data Dock water quality, YSI, Hourly
keywords water quality, YSI, temperature, conductance, salinity, dissolved oxygen, pressure, pH, turbidity, chlorophyll
originator Gallegos C.
file format Excel 97
platform Windows NT
study site locale Rhode River Edgewater, Anne Arundel County, MD, USA
beginning date 200004
ongoing? Yes
ending date  
meas. freq. Hourly
site size Small
# of stations 1
west longitude -76.35
east longitude -76.25
north latitude 38.55
south latitude 38.5
parameters CALKEY (Date formula derived by formula from columns B through D), YRDAY (Julian date), HOUR (Eastern Standard Time at which the data were recorded (HHMMSS), TIME (Eastern Standard Time recorded by datasonde when measurements are recorded), TEMP (Temperature, degrees centigrade), SPCOND (Specific Conductance, mS/cm), SAL (Salinity, practical salinity scale), DO (Dissolved Oxygen, mg/l), DOSAT (Dissolved Oxygen, % saturation), PH (pH, units), PRESS (Barometric pressure, psia), DEPTH (Depth at which records are taken), TURBID (Turbidity, NTU), CHL(Relative Chlorophyll, ug/l).
current sharing status Available by request
current advertising status SERC public site
abstract This dataset tracks temporal changes in water quality using hourly measurements taken at a single point in the Rhode River, a sub-estuary of the Chesapeake Bay.
additional documentation / reference article  

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