Milestones in Data Management - metadata

  1. select two tiered approach to data documentation (metadata)
    • data table of contents: more schematic
    • national standard for metadata: more thorough
  2. interview various stakeholder groups to determine needs
  3. select fields to include in data table of contents
    • study National Association of Marine Laboratories (NAML) data documentation form
    • study data fields in Long Term Environmental Research (LTER) data table of contents
  4. select one from several national metadata standards
    • Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)
    • National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)
    • NASA Directory Interchange Format
    • Committee on the Future of Long-term Environmental Data (FLED)
    • requirements for the Government Information Locator Service (GILS)
  5. present findings to stakeholder groups
  6. field SERC Data Table of Contents (DTOC)
    • develop spreadsheet based template
    • distribute template and train one person from each research group
    • provide assistance, encouragement and cajoling
    • convert DTOC entries from spreadsheet to HTML forms
    • load HTML pages to intranet for within-SERC use
    • load selected pages to public internet site
  7. having selected the NBII metadata standard,
    • acquire training for creating NBII compliant metadata
    • establish priorities as to which data to document
    • select mode for displaying metadata, i.e. clearinghouse
  8. select metadata entry tools
    • acquire training for metadata entry software (i.e. MetaMaker)
    • add site specific information to MetaMaker look up tables
    • provide metadata entry tool training
  9. submit metadata files to clearinghouse
    • check and update entries as needed
    • convert metadata to other standards for inclusion on other clearinghouses, i.e. NASA's GCMD
  10. import full metadata files to SERC DBMS for faster, more flexible searching