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Most Common Trees in the SERC Environment:

The ten most "important" species of canopy trees in the central part of the old ("Java Farm" section) of SERC are listed in descending order below. This is for trees that reach 20 cm in breast height. The measure is a mixture of how large and how numerous the species is.


Species Common Name Importance Rank
Liriodendron tulipifera tulip poplar 72.35 1
Liquidambar styracifula sweetgum 26.62 2
Fagus grandifolia American beech 25.01 3
Quercus falcata southern red oak 11.13 4
Carya tomentosa mockernut hickory 8.86 5
Quercus alba white oak 8.52 6
Acer rubrum red maple 8.42 7
Carya glabra pignut hickory 7.59 8
Quercus velutina black oak 5.73 9
Pinus virginiana Virginia pine 4.07 10

Compiled by Jess Parker