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Instrument Tower

Many of the long-term measurements made at SERC are based on the aerial platform of the new SERC instrument tower. The tower is 120 ft high and sits atop a hill to the west of the SERC campus. It is accessed by a small gravel road which starts near the chemical storage buildings. On top of the tower are instruments which monitor wind speed and direction, and devices that collect rain and bulk precipitation for chemical analysis.

Includes a photo of the tower

A rigid table covering about a third of the platform area provides a level surface for mounting SERC SR18 spectroradiometers which monitor solar UV-B, and a pyranometer which measures total solar energy. An instrument shed has been constructed at the base of the tower which houses computers used in data acquisition of the radiometer and other measurements. Routine access to the tower is limited to personnel involved with making measurements; however, the Education department will occasionally take small groups of students to visit the tower to learn more about SERC research.

SERC also has a photobiology laboratory.
Contact Dr. Patrick Neale for more information.